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Thursday, April 28, 2011

What the fuck is wrong with Tennessee - just about everything

First they passed a law which will allow Creationism to be taught alongside Evolution. The reality will be that every teacher will be forced to consider creationism because there is no doubt that children of fundamentalist parents will make sure creationism will report any teacher who doesn't include it in the curriculum.

Nest up is a law already passed in committee that will prohibit teachers from grades 8 and lower from mentioning the word 'gay' or any reference to same-sex relationships. Presumably sex with farm animals, as long as they of the opposite sex will still be okay. Having passed the committee votes, it's sure to be passed in the legislature.

Now comes a new law that takes the Supreme Court's Citizen's United law and extends it to where corporations can contribute directly to political candidates, something that Citizen's United forbids. Not that the Supreme Court decision hindered the flow of corporate money into the election cycle in any way. The 2010 election were proof enough where virtually unfettered money endured the Democrats were outspent by a bigger margin that ever in history. The law will pass in Tennessee which will help Corporations going through the inconvenience of having employees themselves contribute to politicians under the old rules.

The people of Tennessee obviously don't realize that by voting these corporate whores into office they are only screwing themselves because the last time a large corporation did somethng selfless like putting citizen's interests ahead of theirs was....

For anyone who thinks that the GOP's assault on Unions, particularly Public Unions has anything to do with saving money you're dreaming. For constitutional reasons the Supreme Court had to give unions the same power to give campaign money. The campaign against them is to limit their ability to raise and use that money.

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