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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Atlas Shrugged producer blames critics for flop

John Aglioloro, the Producer and financier of Atlas Shrugged gives up, "Critics, you won." Wring, dipshit. You couldn't even succeed despite the breathless anticipation of the entire Right Wing/Tea Party having multiple orgasms at the thought of seeing Ayn Rand's seminal book that is the exemplar of current right wing idealism in America.

I thought it would pack them in for a while at least with all the Rand fawning going around lately but I guess even the Tea Party faithful have their limits. Agliorolo blames the critics. It's amazing how modern day conservative/Republicans blame everyone and everything else. Look at how Sarah Palin has whined her way to fame and fortune by playing the victim.

The critics aren't to blame. It's not because they are typical Hollywood degenerate liberal elites. It's because the film sucked. It has all the subtleties of Russian 'propaganda' movies of the Stalin era with marginally better production values. The characters have about as much depth as Rambo parts one through infinity, and the dialog is about as innovative as posters at a Tea Party rally.

But according to the producer, the fact that the movie has failed dismally because the critics "won" as though this is a war or something. It sums up the modern conservative/Republican movement. It's a war between 'us' and 'them' with 'us' always being the underdog; the victim constantly fighting the forces of the mainstream media, the cultural elites, liberal education, the Washington establishment etc.

They act as though they little power and no influence and it's the bullies like the Unions, Gays, educators and the media who are constantly out to get them and will stop at nothing, even betraying the country. \

They've occupied the White House twenty of the last 31 years. They dominate cable news ratings with a hyperpartisan 24/7 party mouthpiece and talk radio is their exclusive domain. The Supreme Court, the one branch of government over which the voter has no control is squarely on their side. It's only the waning power of the daily printed media where there is anything approaching balance. The way the right complains, an alien new to earth would think NPR is as powerful as Fox News.

Today's GOP is not the party epitomized by the image of John Wayne and the reality of Ronald Reagan. Instead it's the party of Sarah Palin, a vapid whining countenance utterly incapable of understanding serious policy issues, playing the vulnerable victim. It's the party of the Limbaughs, the Hannitys and the Becks, the shock troops of the right who vent a constant stream of paranoia, conspiracy, veiled racism and outright lies. It's why a majority of the party's supporters still cling to the belief that the duly elected President has no legitimacy because of his birthplace and that his very patriotism is suspect.

Despite all this, they still believe they are the victims. They are the ones under constant attack. It's pathetic when it manifests itself in Palin's whining and in Hannity's careful pruning of quotes to do a show on media bias against Fox News. It's this same sense of victimhood that causes John Aglioloro to claim that the fate of his turgid polemic masquerading as a movie was predetermined by the biased liberal film critics.

It's pathetic.


Rick Wilson said...

Ayn Rand's prophetic work was made into as good a film as humanly possible, considering the immensity of the idea. I had begun composing this comment on the theme that the film should have been made in a single piece, then released whole or in parts. Now I realize the idea is too big for even the faintest financial or temporal cramming. Mr. Aglioloro, great work so far, and continued good hunting!

Rick Wilson,
Reno, Nevada

Anonymous said...

I was not planning on seeing this film until I read this. I am fasinated that a film can suck so bad and yet cultivate such an emotional write. Not to mention the innaccurate description of the modern GOP and what they are truely all about. Very interesting indeed

lifeexplorerdiscovery said...

Ayn Rand is one of those people whose books are better read than adapted in to films. Some books just can't really make it as a film. Political films especially.