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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Republicans lose support of police and firefighter unions

Just how oblivious are the Republicans? We knew there would be a wholesale attack on programs that help the less fortunate but I'm surprised at their onslaught on the middle class If they thought they could somehow separate their attack on Unions wouldn't resonate they have completely miscalculated. There were few, if any signs that they would leading up to the 2010 elections. Scott Walker in Wisconsin John Kasich in Ohio and Rick Snyder in Michigan never suggested it in their campaigns.

I can't recall such an instant level of 'buyer's remorse' about an election, at least in some states so soon after an election. Polls show all these governors plus a couple of others would lose their elections today by considerable margins. Their tone deafness is quite stunning, even for Republicans. Instead of backing down, they're doubling down. They won't lose the Tea Party morons, but a lot of people Republicans and Independents who voted them in are seeing this as an assault against the middle class, and it's not just Union members.

Coupled with that, they see that the wealthy and large corporations have remained unscathed, and in some cases, been showered with even more benefits. The average American is not that stupid. The result is that if the Republicans continue down this path they will pay for it, If you need any proof watch Rachel Maddow interviewing the head of the police union in the video below. The police union has backed the GOP Presidential candidate every election. They have already lost them and the firefighters, the two unions that tended to lean Republican.

Demonizing unions to that extent has resonated with a large majority of the population. While only 17% of American workers are unionized the average person sees two things. One is many millions more have family who are unionized and they understand that without unions even non unionized workers will be hurt. Unions fight for decent wages, decent benefits and decent working conditions. If they go, there will be less pressure on on non-union companies to adhere to similar benefits. The entire middle class will end up getting hurt.

Losing the support of the police union, over 350,000 strong will hurt the GOP and nothing in their mindset and actions suggest they get it.

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