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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lawrence O'Donnell sticks it to Otly Taitz, the queen of the loony birthers.

About time someone shut the idiot up. That's the only way to deal with these pwoplw. For those bitching about Obama either waiting to long or for doing it at all, I think his timing was perfect. Just as people are starting to focus a little more on the 2012 elections this will drive a wedge between the partly sane and the truly insane wings of the GOP.

BTW, the plan to release the long form certificate was in the works for quite a while because there is a lengthy legal process to get the certificate from the state and Obama, like any other citizen has to follow procedure.

I love the new idea that some of the birthers including the shrill harridan dentist/lawyer Taitz claims that it's suspicious because Obama's father is described as 'African' not 'Negro'. He was African for God sake. He was born in Africa, grew up in Africa and is therefore an African. For that matter my parents were born in Africa (South Africa to be exact), I was born in Africa but am now an American citizen. The color of my skin might be lillywhite but technically I am an 'African', not a 'Negro' or a 'European' which is what the old South African Apartheid regime used to euphemistically call white South Africans.

The crazies are already latching on to a whole new slew of conspiracies including his social security number, how he got into Harvard, whether he is an Android controlled by Bill Ayers, his religion and anything else they can dream up.

Meanwhile the Donald who's slipping further and further into pure delusion is questioning his admission to Harvard because graduating summa cum laude and being chosen editor of the Harvard Law Review just isn't good enough. Trump's own son in law got into Harvard thanks to the son in law's daddy donating $2.5 million to Harvard. I'm waiting for someone in the media to nail him on that one but am not holding my breath.

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