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Monday, April 4, 2011

60 Minutes on the next housing shock.

Why has no one been charged yet in this entire fiasco?

I read the comments section from the 60 minutes website and you find stories like this. They are far more common than you might think.

Why is it that these banks and employess are not held criminally? Why aren't these Crimes against humanity? I have a foreclosure story and have been hesitant to tell it because I was afraid it would interfere with our mortgage modification. We have been paying a modified agreed upon mortgage amount to Chase for over a year. They cashed our last check as recently as Feb 23, 2011.Wamu was our original Lender. In January of 2011 my local banker called me and told me he had to remove my line of credit because I was in foreclosure. I said Chase has put me in foreclosure? He said no, Bank of America. I don't have a BOA loan. After much investigation and contacting our Congressman Jared Polis,(who's staff was incredibly helpful and had a response for us within 4 DAYS from BOA, no response what so ever from Chase) we are in possession of a letter from the CEO and Presidents office of BOA, stating that not only did they not have our note, but they did not have us in foreclosure. We contacted the Public Trustee and Congressman Polis' office contacted the attornies for BOA. The Public Trustte said she is only doing her job and that unless the attornies for BOA cancel the foreclosure process we will be homeless May 18, 2011. Even with the letter from the CEO and President of Bank of Americas office, we cannot get the foreclosure dropped. We have had to hire an attorney. Bank of America published our foreclosure information in a small paper, not even available in our area and has never sent us a correspondance. The Sheriff left us a letter on our door a week ago. That letter was in peril of blowing away. If my bank had not notified us, we could have come home May 18th to changed locks and our belongings at the landfill.
My husband has stage 4 cancer and this is lousy timing for us to be dealing with this.

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