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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Prosser - Kloppenberg: Too close to call

It's a small lead but with a lot of urban (read Democrat) votes to be counted it's starting to look like JoAnn Kloppenberg could win. This will be a huge blow for the Scott Walker dictatorship with the Supreme Court switching 4-3 to liberals.

The court will be dealing with a lot of lawsuits dealing with walker's power grab.

Update - still back and forth but JoAnne Kloppenberg now has an 18,000 vote lead.

This will create a lot of momentum for the recall efforts against 8 Republican state senators.


With 98.4% of precincts counted Prosser holds a razorthin 728,203 - 726,325 lead. Most of the 55 precincts still to be counted are strong or lean Democratic precincts and there are apparantly 8,000 absentee ballots to be counted. Either way this is going to a recount.

I'm not sure what the threshold for a recount is in Wisconsin but the current lead of about one thousandth of a percent must be will within the limit.

A lot more fun and games from the cheesehead state still to come.

FINAL UPDATE Kloppenberg trails by 585 votes with about 30 more precincts to report. There are apparently also 8,000 absentee ballots still to be counted in Milwaukee which is a Democratic leaning city. Most of the remaining 30 or so precincts are in counties where JoAnne Kloppenberg is leading but there is no certainty that a particular precinct will trend the same way as an entire county although there is that likelihood. If the remaining precincts break in the same proportion as their counties Kloppenberg is ahead by about 500 votes.

Rumors on the internet abound so nothing is certain other than an automatic recount will be triggered. The margin is far under the 0.5% threshold for an automatic recount. Apparently some precincts ran out of computer ballots due to the high turnout so paper ballots that need to be counted by hand were used.

It seems that counting has stopped for the night although one cannot be certain. Either way winner will not be announced until after the recount.

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