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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just how out of touch are the Republicans - Brit Hume is left speechless.

Brit Hume was left literally speechless on Fox this morning when Juan Williams raises the issue of Ge paying no taxes after Hume claims that taxes are not the way to raise federal revenue, growing the economy is the only way. Is Hume that ensconced in the bubble of GOP economic theology that he doesn't get that no matter how much money GE makes they've gamed the system to such an extent that they will never pay taxes, no matter how much the company earns? The answer is yes.

The discontent with current GOP policy, particularly with Unions and the assault on the middle class is resonating with a majority of Americans. If the Democrats could only get their shit together and put out a coherent message that Republicans are more than content to let large corporations game the system while going after Unions and the like they can put some serious hurt on the Republicans. When Obama appointed Jeff Immelt, the former CEO of GE to head his outside Counsel of Economic Advisers he sent the wrong message.

As this battle heats up and it will, whether the Democrats are on message or not, GE is going to become the poster boy for out of control corporate welfare. Here's the video.

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