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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bristol Palin claims non-profit disclosure laws an anti-Palin conspiracy

Bristol Palin has been earning money as a spokesperson for an abstinence only non-profit organization called the Candie's Foundation. Turns out the formerly unwed teenage mother has been making a shitload of money out of the lessons she learned from letting Levi Johnson have his way with her, $262,500 to be exact.

Now if all unwed teenage mothers could get a job like that the Republican claim of 'unwed teenage mothers on welfare' would no longer be heard. Sadly there aren't too many of them with the last name of Palin.

What's making things more than uncomfortable for born again abstinent Bristol is that the Candie's Foundation has spent only $35,000 in grants to health clinics and teen counseling organizations — meaning that Bristol’s salary from the nonprofit was seven times the amount spent on actual teen pregnancy prevention.

Every non-profit foundation no matter what it's purpose has to fine an IRS 990 form which is made public by the IRS as well as any charitable foundation database website. This is legally required so that people donating to a foundation or anyone for that matter can see how the foundation spends its monies.

Never mind the legal requirements, the wailing has already begun from the professional victim Palin clan that is perpetually being picked on by the librul media and everyone to the left of Newt Gingrich. A Palin spokesman claimed, “this is clearly something that was leaked by the same anti-Palin organization that says Trigg isn’t Sarah Palin’s son.”

So the IRS and/or organizations that legally make the financial records of charities available to prevent scams are now also part of the "anti-Palin conspiracy".

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