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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Foreclosure fraud - it gets worse and worse

60 Minutes highlighted the level of foreclosure fraud a few weeks ago where title documents were forged, illegally signed and people lost their homes and the perpetrators are still raking in millions.

Jackson County in Michigan has a population of only 160,000 and they're at 28 fraudulent foreclosures and counting. Extrapolate that out to the entire country and you get the picture.

The hunt for foreclosure fraud is now underway in Jackson County. We first brought you news of a scam, where dozens of mid-Michigan homes were foreclosed on illegally. After hearing the news, officials in Jackson started looking through their records. It only took 15 minutes to find the same phony signatures that are popping up on documents all over the country.

It all started with a recent 60 Minutes piece that highlighted the scam where some big banks are faking forms to speed up the foreclosure process. One by one officials are finding thee documents in Jackson County. The county register's team is busy searching through thousands of documents to find one simple signature.

Mona Webb, Jackson County Dep. Register: "Linda Green, signing on behalf of a banking organization."

So far the Jackson County Register's Office has found 28 of the documents and counting, all with the same name, but totally different signatures.

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