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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hannity to host show about media bias against Fox News

Considering there is an army of media watchers out there who are quick to report on Fox Media's bias. Media Matters devotes most of its coverage to Fox News with the occasional side trip to Rush Limbaugh land. The liberal blogosphere was all over the admission by Bill Sammon Fox's news editor that he knowingly pushed the 'Obama is a socialist' meme during the election despite not actually believing it was true. It passed into common use on Fox by hosts, including allegedly straight news reporters and became a common talking point among Republicans in general and fox guests on a regular basis.

The mainstream media tepidly reported on it but that was that. Sammon, faced with video proof that he couldn't deny explained it away that while he didn't believe it was true at the time he first pushed the idea, it was a sort of 'pre-truth' because his tenure in office has proved him to be correct.

Obama's choice of Bill Ayers, former terrorist to head his outside council of economic advisers, tasked with seeking ways to stimulate job creation is obviously proof positive. Oops, sorry, he actually appointed Jeff Immelt, former General Electric CEO whose company outsourced 20% of its jobs in the last nine years to the post. Maybe Obama isn't a socialist after all even if he hasn't signed on to the GOP policy of coddling large corporations and millionaires while screwing the rest of the country. Apparently that is the only way to prove one isn't a 'Socialist'.

The fact that most if not all the criticism leveled at Fox is deserved will not be considered by Hannity. Fair and balanced as always.

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