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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Poll on debt ceiling proves just how dumb Americans are

A CBN News Poll on raising the debt ceiling shows a clear majority of Americans oppose raising the debt ceiling. It goes without saying that Republicans are most opposed followed by Independents and then Democrats.

Overall 83% oppose it and only 27% support it. Among Republicans support is only 14% and only 36% among Democrats. Considering the hugely negative consequences such a move would create it shows just how dumb Americans are.

I have a question for any Republicans out there. The Ryan budget, voted for by all but 2 GOP House GOP members estimates the deficit will increase by $6 another trillion by 2020 before the growth of the deficit starts to decline, how is that possible if you can't raise the debt ceiling?

Even worse, 70% of those opposing raising the debt ceiling still oppose even if it means interest rates will increase.

The IMF just came out with a report that suggests China's economy will overtake Americas in 2015. What do these people want, to have that happen next year instead?

Wall Street is terrified of even a fight over the issue knowing that in the end Congress will have no choice but to raise the limit. That should tell you something. I blame the media who are for the most, far more concerned with Obama's birth certificate than the real issues.

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