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Friday, April 8, 2011

Birther Photoshop fail - Obama's knee

Jack Cashill, a right wing 'reporter' is running away with the title of 'most insane birther'. His major claim is that Bill Ayers ghost wrote Obama's "Dreams of my Father". He had a major wet dream a couple of weeks ago when Ayers joked about the book with a reporter suggesting he would share the royalties if the reporter could finally prove it. Ayer's laughter while saying that didn't matter. Cashill and at least part of the right wing conspiracyphere were all over it.

Cashill also claims that Jimi Hendrix is Obama's father. If true, he fathered Obama before he even went into the army, before anyone had heard of Hendrix. The Malcolm X fathered Obama birthers are far more plausible on this one.

Cashill has breathlessly announced he has discovered a new piece of evidence. A picture of Obama as a teenager between his grandparents, sitting on a bench is a fake.

Here is the allegedly faked photoshopped picture according to Cashill.

Below is the real picture according to Cashill.  Note the incredibly crappy photoshop work.  Somehow, Obama's left knee stayed behind with his grandparents while the rest of him was off developing his third world radical socialist views.

What a fucking joke.  Pathetic is the word that most comes to mind, but never fear, I'm sure Donald Trump's investigators, currently scouring Hawaii for more evidence that Obama wasn't born in the U.S. will certainly come to light.  If Trump truly believes Obama wasn't born in the U.S., shouldn't he be looking somewhere other than Hawaii?



Anonymous said...

looks more like a dufflebag, which most older people carry, just sayin...

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William Borup.

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Looks like a leg to me..

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I love my homeboy Jason