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Monday, April 11, 2011

Donald Trump as a birther - both a liar and an idiot

Trump's new claim is that Obamna's grandparents placed the birth announcement in the Honolulu newspaper to make him eligible for welfare.

Trump as idiot: Obama's mother was an American citizen. An American citizen is eligible for welfare whether he/she was born in Kansas or Arghanistan.

Trump as liar: Obama has spent $2 million covering up the issue. There is no proof of this anywhere other than in wingnutopia world. The Obama campaign listed $2.8 million in legal expenses for the entire campaign. That's not out of the norm by campaign standards.

Trump as idiot/liar: In the CNN interview he keeps talking about not wanting to discuss the birther issue and would like to talk about real issues like China, OPEC etc, yet he keeps going back to the birther issue even when the interviewer doesn't ask him about it.

Bring on the circus aka The GOP 2012 primaries. Please run, Donald, we need a good laugh.


Anonymous said...

This guy is the worst human on the planet. I can not believe he acts the way he does. He lies right to her face. What a total piece of dog shit smeared.

Anonymous said...

How right you are. People need to stand up to Trump. Then take him down a few notches. Snake oil, bankrupt, cheating, moptop, lying, ugly, rude, fat, creepy, ignorant, straw berry nose, wanna be richer,pig of a man. Bill