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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The judicial election in Wisconsin - latest count

Being a modest one person blog I don't have the time or the resources to follow the election in Wisconsin too closely.

For up to date tallies go here. It's a county by county tally. An important key is the number of precincts reporting. The largest counties Dane (Madison) and Milwaukee will trend towards Kloppenberg. Milwaukee County the most populous county.

Here is a list of the percentages that voted Democrat in the governor's race.

Brown County, which has the highest percentage of votes counted has trended 4% towards towards Kloppenberg since the election. A 4% shift away from Prosser/Walker voters would put the margin at 50/50. Recount anyone.

One factor the anti-Prosser forces have to overcome is that Prosser is the incumbent and in a Judicial race where no party affiliation is on the ballot should give Prosser an edge for those who still can't figure out what the hell is going on.

With a little over a third of the precincts counted Kloppenberg has closed the margin to under 2,000 votes out of 542,000 votes cast. It could get interesting.

Updates Prosser now 15,000 votes ahead. Still way too close to call but both Dane and Milwaukee, both Democrat strongholds and the two most populous counties have reported less precincts than the average.

More later.


Kenosha county with all but two precincts counted shows a 6% swing away from the Republican side. Prosser has a lead of just under 5,000 votes.

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