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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oklahona GOP Rep: claims 'Blacks' don't work as hard

State Rep. Sally Kern has already made a name for herself in Oklahoma. She introduced the law banning Sharia Law which was such a grave threat to Oklahoma it just had to be done. Never mind that it created a larger problem for Oklahoma for foreign firms doing business in the state. Not because of Sharia Law per se but because the only way the law could be passed was by excluding all 'non-American' law from being considered in a legal dispute. A German company, for example could not rely on German law in a dispute in Oklahoma, right or wrong.

She also sponsored a law allowing a teacher to question evolution, one of the many 'job creating' laws the Republicans vowed to introduce after the 2010 elections. She has also said that gays are infiltrating city councils in Oklahoma and present a greater threat than terrorism or Islam.

The 'Black's don't work hard enough comment came in a debate about a bill to bar any affirmative action in Oklahoma. She probably doesn't have too much of a problem with radical right wing extremists like Timothy McVeigh who have the right colored skin, the right religion and the correct sexual orientation.

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