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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Republican 'death tax' 100% for the elderly who aren't wealthy

The Republicans love to call the Estate Tax a 'death tax'. Frank Luntz, the master GOP pollster excels at framing an issue with carefully worded descriptions based on polling. Their opposition to the Estate Tax which only affects the super wealthy resonated far better with the average wingnut when they called it the 'death tax'.

The Ryan budget has created what is truly a 'death tax.' with their transformation destruction of Medicare.  If ever their Medicare plans become reality older Americans who aren't worth a few million will wish their end comes swiftly and suddenly without the need for ongoing treatments, hospitalization or nursing home care because their Medicare vouchers will surely drain them of all their savings before the end.

The Democrats need to start acting more like  Republicans at least in how they play the game.  Ryan's plan has given them the perfect opening.  Call their Medicare plan a 'death tax' because there will be nothing left to leave to one's children after the medical bills have drained everything. 

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