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Friday, April 8, 2011

Government shutdown comes down to women's health

That's it apparently.  It's not even about abortion.  The Republicans who won't consider cutting one penny from the defense budget that has more waste than the sewers of Los Angeles.  They won't consider closing one out of 15,000 corporate tax loopholes that allow most large corporations to pay few if any taxes, thumbing their noses at the average tax paying American but dammit, we'll shut down the government before we allow low income women access to health care that doesn't even include abortions. 

The budget deficit is out of control and it cannot be fixed unless we fix both sides of the equation.  Spending is over 21% o GDP, that's a problem.  Revenue is 14% of GDP, when even the Ryan plan calls for revenue being 18% of GDP.  It hasn't been that low in over 60 years and they still believe in the unicorn fantasy that even more tax cuts for the top 5 or 10 percent will not stimulate the economy when industrial capacity is under 80%, another low we haven't seen in ages.

Why do I even fucking bother.  The Republicans have a rigid economic and social ideology and facts or the welfare of at least a significant segment of the population mean nothing to them.  

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