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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GOP/Tea Party ideals of less government - not so much

Lucy Walter, a Fort Atkinson Middle School teacher, reiterated Fitzgerald’s earlier comment about the squeaky wheel getting the grease.

“I felt like when we went to Madison we were squeaking really loudly,” she said.

Walter pointed out that many teachers unions, AFSCME and other unions have agreed to the concessions on insurance and retirement.

“That is part of our salary,” Walter said. ” When the squeaky wheel said ‘please don’t take away our union rights,’ why did you do that?”

Fitzgerald very pointedly noted that collective bargaining is “not some type of human right.” He further stated that it was implemented by the state Legislature in 1971.

“Since 1971, it is has been tipped away from the elected officials toward the contract and the unions,” the senator said. “Certainly, what we think we should be able to do is simply claw back on that and give more power to the elected officials.”

 That is state senator, Scott Fitzgerald, one of the three members of the Fitzgerald family, father and two sons who are Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin's trio of consiglieris.    So much for GOP/Tea Party ideals of giving government less power. 

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