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Monday, November 29, 2010

The war on climate science continues

Tim Phillips, the head of Americans for Prosperity together with the Heritage Foundation are determined to kill all vestiges of environmentalism including thet fight against gloaal warming, the entire EPA and any green technology.

American for Prosperity sounds like such a benign organization. Who could possibly oppose that? In reality, it should be called Rich Americans for even more Prosperity for themselves. It's funded almost entirely by the far right wing Koch brothers who are each worth about $21 billion and change from their oil company. Seeing as the Hummer is no longer being made their druthers would be that everyone drives an Escalade and burns coal right through the winter.

The right gained momentum with the so called 'Climategate" scandal which turned oout be be literally a lot of hot air. Quotes were taken out of context and the final conclusions by the UK government as well as the Universities concerned and scientific peers concluded that the scientists in question could have used alternate methodologies it doesn't change the fact that 'global warming' among climate scientists worldwide is virtually unanimous. Those few out of context quotes have convinced the right that global temperatures are actually cooling.

As soon as the first major snowstorm hits the East Coast they all come out of hiding and bleat in unison "It's snowing, how can that be with 'global warming'".

If you want to read more about the "climategate" scandal this Wikipedia article covers the entire issue.

Phillips also argues that the idea that 'green jobs' can and will be created is a myth. It's not a myth but he would love to turn it into a myth. It's estimated that by 2020 green industry will generate about $2.3 trillion a year worldwide.. The Koch brothers and it seems almost the entire GOP and right wing these days would love to cede that entire industry to the rest of the world. As it is, China is leading the U.S. in many areas of green technology including wind turbines and solar panels.

And the other thing that we’re really pushing with allies is the myth of green jobs. I know many of you have been on this issue as well. What a great balloon to puncture. Because that’s the last leg they have to stand on. You noticed what the president, what the left talks about on this? It used to be the science. Then they began tilting away from the science and saving the polar bears to it’s the right thing to do, you know. And now it’s job creation. They’re literally reduced to a job creation argument. They don’t even talk about the polar bears any more. How sad for the polar bears, right? It’s wrong. But, now it’s job creation argument. That’s the last thing they’ve had. And it’s not a legitimate argument. I think the public is getting that.

More of his idiocy can be read here. if you can stomach it.

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