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Friday, November 26, 2010

Glenn Beck doesn't understand anything as well

Beck has no clue what 'Net neutrality means' so he's against it. Very simply, net neutrality would give every content provider the same access to the entire bandwidth of the internet. A similar principle is that anyone with any sort of vehicle has the same right of access to the Interstate Highway system. Internet providers want to reserve part of the bandwidth to large and powerful content providers who will pay to reserve some of that bandwidth by paying money to the internet providers for that bandwidth, squeezing smaller content providers to less and therefore slower access.

This blog, which is run and hosted by Google would benefit from the end of 'net neutrality'. I don't want that privilege.

Beck is completely confused by this relatively simple issue. He equates it with the 'Fairness Doctrine". The Fairness Doctrine was introduced in 1949 provide adequate coverage to public issues and that coverage must be fair in reflecting opposing views. It was abolished in 1987. It has given conservatives a distinct advantage in talk radio because the free market has determined that right wing talk radio is far more popular than liberal radio. Perhaps it's because conservatives need to be told what to think while liberals can actually think for themselves. I have no problem with that even though I don't like it.

Recently right wing paranoia has claimed that the Obama administration intends to reintroduce the Fairness Doctrine without a shred of evidence. The delusional Beck thinks that 'net neutrality' is designed to introduce the Fairness Doctine for the internet, once again showing just how ignorant and delusional he is.

This week he said:

Beck: "They want to make sure that you can get the Huffington Post on Fox News." On the November 22 edition of his Fox News program, Beck claimed that net neutrality rules would require conservative news outlets to provide progressive content, falsely comparing net neutrality to the Fairness Doctrine. He added: "They want to make sure that you can get the Huffington Post on Fox News. No, thank you. They're about to control what you see on the Internet."

The full article on his delusion can be read here.

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