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Friday, November 12, 2010

Quick hits

  •  Bush memoir, 'Decision Points' melange of plagiarism and retold reports lifted from advispr's books and newspaper reports.    
  • Glenn Beck's outrageous new lie, with more than a hint of anti-Semitism.  George Soros is the target as usual.  The undertone of his comments uses the old idea that Jewish bankers control, or try to control the world.  
  • The Deficit Commission releases it's report.  Not so good for the middle class.  Great for the wealthy.  Turns out it may have been rigged from the start.   
  • The biggest plus to buying a first home is the tax deduction on the mortgage interest.  The Deficit Commission wants to eliminate that deductiion.  With little chance of equity in housing growing again for some time, why  get rid of the one inducement to buy rather than rent. 

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