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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I have one simple question about the Democrats messaging

0ne of the chief points of GOP attacks on the Democrats was the stimulus. One can argue how much effect the stimulus had on the economy, but most serious economists believe that at worst, it allowed the economy to tread water rather than to continue sinking.

Here's the frustrating part. calls by the GOP to repeal the balance of the unspent stimulus was virtually unanimous among GOP candidates. Does anyone actually know what the unspent part of the stimulus is? According to a recent survey a whopping 8% of Americans are aware that it is a tax cut for 95% of Americans, excluding only the top 5% earners.

The GOP voted against the stimulus to a man, which means that they technically voted against a tax cut for 95% of Americans. Did any Democrat ad even mention that? I certainly don't recall. Will the GOP carry out their vow to repeal the balance of the stimulus which is a tax cut for 95% of Americans? To quote John "asshat" Boehner, "hell no".

WTF. Here was a winning issue for the Democrats and it remained a secret to 92% of Americans.

Do you think the GOP will really cut the budget as promised. Tea Party candidate, Vicky Hartlzer who upset veteran Ike Skelton in Missouri ran on a campaign to "keep the government out of Missouri's 4th district." She and her husband own a farm and have collected over $774,000 in agri subsidies in the past decade. Do you think she will really vote to stop agricultural subsidies that add billions to the deficit? Hell no.

Ron Johnston, the businessman who sadly beat Russ Feingold, a true Progressive in the Wisconsin Senate race railed against government spending, neglecting to mention that the $31 million plus in government contracts his company received, comprise the biggest slice of income that has made him a millionaire. Do you think he will vote on budget cuts that might reduce that income for his company? Hell no.

In one sense I am glad the GOP took the House. "Hell No" ceases to be a policy. They have to replace it with a real economic plan and thus far, we haven't heard a peep out of what they actually plan to do other than keep the Bush tax cuts or reduce the deficit, their of which will do anything to improve the economy.

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