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Friday, November 26, 2010

Fox fooled by satirical Onion story about Obama e-mail

The headline read in The Onion read::

Frustrated Obama Sends Nation Rambling 75,000-Word E-Mail

For the people at this was too good to be true.  Obama is losing his mind, yesssss!  Within a couple of minutes it was the headline story on

The first clue may have been checking their e-mail to see if the full e-mail was actually there.  The second clue was a link at the bottom of the article directing readers to to read the full e-mail.  When it comes to convenient "facts" for Fox News due diligence goes right out the window.   Even more ridiculous was the fact that it took about 20 gleeful comments from readers before someone figured out it was a satirical piece from the Onion.  

The Onion had disguised the story by not using their usual url to post the story,, thinking someone was going to bite on the hook.  They caught the biggest one out there.  Fox News itself.  

Here's the link to the article now on The Onion's website.  

It's not the first time conservatives have been suckered in by The Onion.  This satirical video had been floating around the Internet for three years before the right wing blogosphere went into mass hysteria that “Martial Law Plans Revealed.”  A quick Google check would have shown that neither Rep. John Haller of Pennsylvania or the "homeland terrorist preparation bill" existed. 


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