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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rachel Maddow on Keith Olbermann's suspension for political donations

Keith Olbermann, is a liberal host on MSNBC, the cable news/opinion arm of NBC. The right hate Olbermann and MSNBC. Fox News is the only unbiased cable news network, 'Fair and Balanced' is their motto and they as well as their audience believe it with a blind obsession borne of a sense of victimhood that the rest of the world is both far too foreign and far too liberal to be trusted.

Ironically their owner is a former Australian with a conservative bent, sense for making money. Less known, is that the largest stake in outside the Murdoch is owned by a Saudi Prince who came to prominence as the Saudi who was told to "stick it where the sun don't shine" by Rudolph Giuliani after offering a multi-million check to help rebuild ground zero. He has boasted that he can, and has had 'things' taken off the air on Fox News.

Keith Olbermann did violate NBC's rule that hosts can only make personal political donations with prior approval. Olbermann didn't get prior approval. NBC believes in a certain level for ethics for their hosts regarding personal political activity.

'Fair and Balanced' Fox doesn't follow the same policy and their opinion hosts such as Sean Hannity are quite unabashed about soliciting donations on air for candidates they are interviewing. The level of hypocrisy is...let Rachel Maddow explain it. She's much better at it than me.

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