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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Women the next to suffer in Arizona

While all the focus is on the Immigration bill in Arizona the state has become the first to vastly restrict access to abortions under health care reform. The bill will prevent insurance companies that participate in state run health care exchanges from “from providing coverage for abortions unless the coverage is offered as a separate optional rider for which an additional insurance premium is charged.”

As almost all insurance companies will be part of the health care exchanges this means that coverage for abortions will only be available at an additional cost if the insurance company chooses to offer them. Currently, in 5 states where abortion riders are required, no insurance companies actually offer them.

So if the riders are available, women will have to pay extra if they foresee that they might possibly need an abortion in the future. I'm assuming that men will still be covered for Viagra without any additonal cost if they might need help in 'getting it up' in the future.

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