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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day - April 22

We celebrate Earth Day tomorrow. Treat it kindly, it's the only one we have.

I would also like to recommend a good friend of mine, Lindsay Leveen's blog, Green Explored. He is quite brilliant and always sees through a lot of the crap that passes for progress. He posts about once a week but it's always worth reading.

I work with extremely intelligent and very well educated people, yet many of them naively believe we will have electric cars that solve the oil problem, we will have bio-engineered diesel fuel to replace fossil fuel, we will have technical solutions to all of the problems we will face because we are smart. Right now we do not need “technical solutions” we need adaptive human behavior. We need less from the earth and more from ourselves
We can admit to our collective failure and reset the course. The human population does not need to double again, the livestock population does not need to double, and certainly the number of vehicles does not need to triple. The question is whether the modern lifestyle is a “successful failure” or a “failed success”. Irrespective of the way we term our past history we must change course.

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