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Monday, April 12, 2010

Serial wife Elizabeth Taylor going for number 9

After a 14 year layoff since her last marriage to a construction guy, Elizabeth Taylor is getting married for the 9th time. The lucky guy is 49 year old Hollywood agent, Jason Winters who will become the 9th husband of the 78 year old actress.

I wish the couple well although I have a problem with Elizabeth Taylor. She married Senator John Warner of Virginia in 1976. It was her first to a politician and/or a Southern gentleman. In response Saturday Night Live did a skit with John Belushi playing Taylor choking on a fried chicken bone. Unfortunately not available on You Tube or anywhere else on the web for viewing it is manically hysterical in a way only Belushi could do.

My problem is that every time I see Elizabeth Taylor on TV the I picture Belushi choking on the bone


Elizabeth Taylor now claims that she is not get married but that doesn't change just how effing funny the Belushi skit is.

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