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Monday, April 26, 2010


A few months ago the GOP sent out a mailer designed to look like a census form. Most of the GOP agreed that it pushed the envelope of acceptability too far and along with the Democrats, voted to bar political parties from the practice.

They must have had their fingers crossed behind their back when they voted because they've done it again.

A fund raising mailer they have just sent out says, "Census Document" and "DO NOT DESTROY/OFFICIAL DOCUMENT," in big bold letters on the envelope. In much smaller letters the words "This is not a U.S. government document." are printed. What appears to be missing from the letter is the sender's name and address as stipulated by law.

A GOP Spokesman said, "We simply looked at the new law, saw that it did not apply to our mailer and continued with the mail pieces." The short version: we'll follow the law except when we decide that we won't. I like this concept. Imagine the possibilities - no more judges, no more jury duty.

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