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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today's American Idiots - Convervative 'Intellectuals'

There is a truly bizarre debate going on among so called conservative 'thinkers' about the mating habits of Obama's mother. I kid you not. The problem for these idiots is that she married not one, but two foreign Muslim men and had children with both of them, thereby establishing a pattern of insidious behavior culmination in some sort of Manchurian Candidate plot.

The idiots in question think this rubbed off on Obama. The existential discussion they are having is not whether this is true or not, but to what degree it is true.
There are those who think as does David Goldman who wrote,

I’ve been screaming about this for more than two years: Obama is the loyal son of a left-wing anthropologist mother who sought to expiate her white guilt by going to bed with Muslim Third World men. He is a Third World anthropologist studying us, learning our culture and our customs the better to neutralize what he considers to be a malignant American influence in world affairs.

The 'moderates' among these geniuses argue that while it doesn't make him a traitor per se, it at least explains his 'unamerican' tendencies.

I understand these people cannot abide the fact that Obama is President but this is lunacy. I can see these people lying awake at night, their minds unable to relax as they seek even more proof that Obama is about to invite Al Qaeda to set up shop in the West Wing. I almost feel sorry for them.

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