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Thursday, April 22, 2010

To my readers

I’ve heard that most blogs don’t last a month. Today marks the four week anniversary of this blog and I have no intention of packing it in. When I started I made a commitment to at least 3 posts a day and I have exceeded that. This will be my 120th post which is a little more than 4 a day.

I want to thank all those who visit the blog on a regular or less than regular basis and hope you enjoy my rantings, my insight, my somewhat twisted sense of humor and the music vids I post.

I ma still feeling my way into the blogging world but am happy with the progress. The blog reached 1,500 hits today, modest by any means with traffic having slowly increased week to week after an initial flurry when the site first launched.

I am still feeling my way into it and would welcome more feedback from my readers. Fortunately, or unfortunately there is no shortage of issues to write about in these interesting but trying times. If you feel inclined to pass on any story, video or anything else that you feel is worth posting please let me know. My email address for the blog is I will also welcome any contributions that you feel will fit the perspective of the blog.

Please feel free to spread the word to all especially those liberals, irritable or not and thank you to those who have already helped spread the word.


Philip Cramer

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