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Friday, April 23, 2010

American Idiots of the day - John McCain and Brian Bilbray

A joint award today for the above two. John McCain has been running away from his "Maverick" image as fast as he can due to a serious primary challenge from the truly unbalanced JD Hayworth, a Tea Party favorite. So much so he recently denied he ever referred to himself as a maverick. Tough to get that one to fly especially when one of his self penned books has 'maverick' in the title.

He gets an Idiot award for claiming that among other things, illegal immigrants intentionally cause accidents on freeways. No they don't you cretin. I've lived in Los Angeles for longer than I care to remember and have never heard even a suggestions of this. Causing an accident on the freeway is probably the last thing an illegal would want because the police will show up and start to ask questions as well as ask for ID. That is unless the aforesaid illegals were actively trying to find a free ride back to the border, although I tend to doubt this.

Then along comes Brian Bilbray, a Republican Congressman from the San Diego area to solve McCain's problem with illegals. California is regarded with disdain for our San Francisco and Hollywood liberals in flyover country but we also breed a brand of Republican elected officials that would fit in with comfortably in the most reactionary circles one could find anywhere.

On Chris Matthews' show yesterday Bilbray dismissed the idea that the now signed into law Arizona immigration bill would create a level of racial profiling not seen in America since the Civil Rights days. He claimed it was easy to identify illegals, especially by trained professionals.

"They will look at the kind of dress you wear, there is different type of attire, there is different type of -- right down to the shoes, right down to the clothes,"
Not only that, but they can spot illegal behavior a mile away. WTF, does he think that illegals still wear traditional Aztec costumes. I would also guess any illegal who has survived here for more than a few months might have developed a knack for looking inconspicuous. I certainly couldn't spot an illegal out of a crowd of Hispanics. Then again, I am only an amateur when it comes to illegal recognition skills.

McCain and Bilbray, proving that is doesn't take much other than a dose of the stupid to be selected Idiot of the day.

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