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Monday, April 19, 2010

How to make people think you're a big shot.

The Florida GOP is quite something. They make RNC head Michael Steele, he of the now famous Voyeur Club shenanigans, seem like a cheapskate.

Now comes a new story about Jim Greer, the former Florida GOP Chairman who is currently under criminal investigation for a contract he awarded himself in which he took a 10% commission on all donations to the party.

He was already under fire for out of control spending when in he publicly cut up his GOP issued Amex card in a faux public act of contrition and fiscal discipline. He then proceeded to run up an additional $1.3 million in charges on a subordinate's Amex card.

Now comes this story from the Orlando Sentinel. Seems like money wasn't all he needed to boost his ego.

Sharon Day, a Broward County committeewoman and secretary of the Republican National Committee, called Greer pompous and showy.
"We were at RNC meetings, and if you were to believe Jim Greer, the governor was calling him every 40 minutes.
At one out-of-state RNC meeting, an aide kept walking in and handing notes to Greer, Day said. She was afraid something bad had happened in Florida, so she asked the aide about the notes. They were blank, she said. Her conclusion: Greer had had them delivered to make himself look important.

Maybe he racked up all those Amex charges for Extenze and Viagra

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