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Friday, April 16, 2010

American Idiot(s) of the day - 41 Republican Senators

In some weird bizarro world the Republicans still think they won the Health Care Reform battle because polls show a slight edge for those who oppose the bill.   If one were to dig deeper in those polls you will find that 10-15% of those who disapprove do so because they think the bill didn't go far enough.   Back that out of the equation and the picture changes. 

Next up is Financial Reform and as I documented over the past couple of days, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R- the slightly less insane one from KY) he has been flat out lying about how the proposed bill deals with bank bailouts. 

Timing is often everything and today brought that home with a bang for the Republican Senators.  For a while it looked like a few GOP Senators might actually work with the Democrats on the bill but that all went up in smoke when all 41 Senators signed on to a letter that they will oppose the bill vehemently.  The underlying message is that they will use their 41st Senator to block any debate on the bill.  

A mere couple of hours after delivering the letter to Harry Reid, the SEC announced that it was bringing charges against Goldman Sachs for fraud related to the financial meltdown.   Two weeks ago the investigation into the collapse of Lehman Bros. revealed that $50 billion in debt had been fraudulently hidden al a Enron and this week a similar report on the demise of Washington Mutual revealed that its' mortgage division knowingly wrote thousands of loans based  on fraudulent information and then proceeded to sell them to unsuspecting investors.  

The lid is being yanked off this whole rancid financial episode and there are sure to be a steady stream of lawsuits in the coming months but the Republicans are sticking to their guns just like they did on health care, expecting they're going to win this one as well.  

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