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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wisconsin Republicans do care about public employees jobs

WI. State Senator Randy Hopper is one of 8 GOP Senators targeted for recall. He only won election after a recount gave him a victorious margin of 163 votes. Current polls show him losing a recall election by 11 percentage points. He's also best buds with gov. Scott Walker.

Perhaps we're being a little hard on Hopper. He is, after all, doing something positive for Wisconsin's public employees, or at least one of them. In his 2010 campaign, he claimed he knew how to create jobs. Seems like he's correct.

Valerie Cass was hired Feb. 7 as a communications specialist with the state Department of Regulation and Licensing. She is being paid $20.35 per hour. This is mighty generous in a state that both Walker and Hopper consider to be so broke they have to screw public employees and everyone else except corporations that got huge tax breaks. It's so generous in fact that the job is now paying $11,000 a year more than was being paid to the previous person in the job.

One more thing. Valerie Cass is Hopper's new girlfriend, 19 years younger than him and is the reason for Hopper's impending divorce. Bow if Hopper started treating the rest of Wisconsin's public employees like his girlfriend, he might not be looking at being out of a job come recall election time.

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