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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hannity spends 2 nights asking why Obama hasn't shown his birth certificate

Here's an extract from one of the shows.

HANNITY: Do I think he was [born in America]? Yes. Do I think this is odd that they won't produce the birth certificate? It's beginning to get odd to me.


BENKIE: Yeah, but why not produce it? It's so easy. Here it is -- on TV, on billboards, whatever. Why not just bring it out? Why not show it?

DANIELS: It's shown time and time again. Do we trust the Hawaiian authorities or not? I don't understand this. There is a problem here. There's something going on here, that people keep talking about this birth certificate, and there's a significant amount of people believe in it.

HANNITY: Why haven't they just produced the certificate?

DANIELS: They have! They've shown it! You can go see it -- anybody can go see it, just like you can go see a copy of --

HANNITY: That's not true!

BENKIE: That's not true. It's never been out.

HANNITY: Because they've never allowed anybody to see it. That's the point.

BENKIE: It's never been out.

HANNITY: It's never -- see, you're agreeing with me that it's odd.

BENKIE: It is odd. It's very odd.

What a bunch of fucking brain dead lying idiots. For those like almost every Republican idiots and thousands of others I give you this. He fucking released in in 2008. Here's the proof. Shut the fuck up already.  That a supposedly legitimate news organization can churn out this level of crap on a continuous basis when a simple google search can answer the question in a couple of seconds says everything you need to know about the state of political discourse in America today

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