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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Have the Republicans gone too far?

The answer is obvious but they have previously paid no price for pushing the envelope of their twisted vision for the future of America. That could change over the next few months.

In Wisconsin, recall petitions are already underway for 8 GOP State senators in seats that Democrats have often held. Most of the recall petitions have reached 45-50% of the needed signatures 15 days into the 60 day time limit. While recall petitions are also underway for 8 Democrats in Wisconsin momentum is clearly on the Democrats side, something even the Republicans in Wisconsin have admitted.

Bear in mind that many of the action passed by Gov. Scott Walker and the Republicans were never mentioned in the 2010 campaign. While the Public Union issue has been front and center Walker's scheme to 'sell' off state energy assets without bidding or oversight will become a large part of the recall campaigns. Bear in mind the numbers of people negatively affected by Walker's decree far outnumber those who benefit, other than delusional and clueless Teabaggers.

In Michigan, the state constitution allows for the governor to be recalled six months after taking office. His even more insane move to declare 'fiscal martial law' and in effect become dictator as well as his tax plan to hit seniors and low income households will waken a sleeping giant.

The numbers are on the Democrats side and it will show once the insanity of the right truly hits the light of day. Interesting times ahead for sure.

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