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Monday, March 14, 2011

The war against women, Virginia edition

A new tactic by Republican governors is to use "emergency powers" to pass anti-choice legislation. In Virginia its being used to force abortion clinics to be regulated in the same way as hospitals which perform the full range of operations. The use of emergency powers will allow the governor, Bob McDonnell to write the regulations and have them become law within 280 days with no review.

The requirements and the retrofitting that would be required will be so expensive that at least 17 or 21 abortion clinics in the state will be forced to close.

For avid readers of the blog, you might remember McDonnell publicly railed against the stimulus, refusing to accept any funds from it despite a state deficit of over $1 billion. After secretly accepting the stimulus bailout he went on Fox to boast about how conservative fiscal management had closed the deficit without mentioning the fact that the budget deficit he closed was equal to the amount of stimulus funds he quietly took.

Aren't emergency laws for things like actual emergencies instead of for furthering a political agenda. Apparently not.

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