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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Marcy Kaptur (D- OH) doesn't mince her words

Remember Rich Iott, the GOP clown who lost because he liked to run around in a Nazi SS uniform and thought there was nothing wrong with that. It helped Marcy Kaptur hold her district a lot easier than she might have otherwise. We can be grateful for that. Here she is calling out the Republicans for budget cuts that would cost thousands of jobs while allowing the big Wall Street Banks and the oil companies get away without paying much if anything in taxes.

The top 6 banks on Wall Street earned $51 billion and paid 11% in taxes. Exxon earned $9 billion in one quarter while BP earned $5 billion in a quarter and neither company paid a penny in taxes. She rightly asks how we can balance a trillion dollar deficit when these companies feel no pain at all.

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