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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Supreme Court says 'tough shit' to innocent man after 14 years on Death Row

John Thompson spent 14 years on Death Row in Louisiana because prosecutors hid exculpatory evidence including a blood test that proved his innocence. Thompson was eventually acquitted and was awarded $14 million in damages against the District Attorney who happens to be Harry Connick Sr., father of the famed jazz singer of the same name. During Connick's tenure there have been 36 cases of prosecutorial misconduct, 19 of which were overturned.

The award was appealed and made it to the Supreme Court which, as usual was split in q 5-4 vote and as usual, the powers that be won out.

Remember during Justice Roberts' confirmation hearings he famously said he sees himself as an impartial umpire, calling balls and strikes. It's become absurdly predictable who's going to throw all strikes and who's not. The prosecution always throws strikes, the accused never, same with corporations and workers and so on.

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