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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Missouri GOP demands the right to abuse dogs

If you recall, one of the key issues in the recent elections in Missouri was Proposition B AKA the "Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act,". Missouri is the puppy mill capital of America, producing over 1 million puppies a year. In many cases the dogs used for breeding are kept in abject conditions. Data from Missouri's Department of Agriculture, released by Freedom of Information Act request, showed that the nation's largest commercial dog-breeder, Hunte Corporation, disposed of 50 to 100 dead dogs a month.

The Bill mandates breeders basic food and water, adequate shelter, necessary veterinary care, adequate space, regular exercise, and adequate rest between breeding cycles to dogs under their care. In some alternate GOP worl association world the word 'adequate' automatially conjures up an image of Lenin or Stalin.

Proposition B passed but the GOP are fighting back. Republican State Senator Bill Stouffer filed legislation to repeal a bill aimed at curbing cruel and inhumane treatment of dogs by breeders last week. The main thrust of his argument seems to be that people who aren't dog breeders are breaking the law as well by abusing dogs. Based on this 'logic' why bother passing laws if people are going to break them.

If you need to be reminded just how totally fucking nuts the Tea Party, who were loudest in their opposition to the law said this on the Job Stewart Show.

"Proposition B is very similar to Obamacare," Anita Andrews from Alliance for Truth told Daily Show correspondent Olivia Munn. "They're expecting all the breeders to sit there and pay for exorbitant amount of care that is not needed, like adequate food,adequate water, adequate space."

"Proposition B is one more step to making us a communist, socialist society," Andrews added.

Like I said, anything 'adequate' is Marxist. There can be no other interpretation.


Anonymous said...

I really wish people wouldn't turn this into a partisan issue. That won't help the dogs.

A Democrat state rep is also planning on pushing for a rollback of Proposition B. And Republicans voted for Proposition B.

By making this into a partisan issue, folks are making it harder to fight any changes in the state legislature.

PAC said...

Thanks for the comment. Nothing is ever completely partisan, one way or the other and being in Cal. we don't get much news about Missouri.

I just find it's unbelievable that people are still fighting it.