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Friday, December 24, 2010

Goebbels would be proud of this lot

A couple of days ago the FCC passed "network neutrality" regulations which will allow for equal access for all legal content on the internet. The idea is called 'net neutrality' and is opposed by some ISP's like Comcast and Time/Warner whose cable systems have been bleeding subscribers over the past couple of years who want to be able to charge companies with large internet volume premium for allocated bandwidth as well as to control access to the internet itself.

Sounds like a win for the First Amendment and freedom of speech to me. On would assume the right should be happy with that? WRONG. As long as there is a Kenyan Muslim/Socialist with an anti-colonial view in the White House everything i a conspiracy to destroy America.

Here's what Rush Limbaugh had to say about it.

– LIMBAUGH: Today the FCC approved a proposal by chairman Julius Genachowski to give the FCC power to prevent broadband providers from selectively blocking web traffic. And that’s just a ruse. Net Neutrality is not what this is really all about. This is about the feds wanting to control the Internet just as they control the public airwaves. They want to be able to determine who gets to say what, where, how often — they want to be able to determine what search services are providing what answers to your queries. It’s total government control of the Internet, and the regime has just awarded it to itself.

It’s another gleaming aspect of free speech, free market, private industry Obama has decided to take over as a Christmas present to himself and the Democrat National Committee and to Mr. Soros. He’s even beaten Hugo Chavez to the punch. Chavez is just talking about taking over the Internet in Venezuela; Obama has got it done.

In the 'up is down' world of the Right where everything is a conspiracy this one crosses wat beyond the line of sanity. What? We're suddenly going to wake up one morning and we won't be able to access anything but Liberal/Left Wing blogs. Millions of citizens will be mobilized to make sure only the 'right' answers are available. Overnight they will revamp Wikipedia to echo left wing opinion and EBay sellers will be forced to give their products away if the customer has less money than they do.

If it were only the bloviating fat Limbaugh it would be bad enough but even the master of 'compromise' and Senate Minority leader jumped on the conspiracy bandwagon.

– McCONNELL: Today the Federal Communications Commission is expected to approve new rules on how American access information on the Internet. There’s a lot of people rightly concerned. … The Obama administration, which has already nationalized health care, the auto industry, insurance companies, banks, and student loans, will move forward with what could be the first step in controlling how Americans use the Internet by establishing federal regulations on its use….The Internet is an invaluable resource. It should be left alone. As Americans become more aware of what’s happening here, I suspect many will be alarmed, as I am, at the government’s intrusion. They’ll wonder, as many already do, if this is a Trojan horse for further meddling by the government.

I must have missed the news when Obama nationalized the auto industry as well as the banks health care and insurance businesses. McConnell is a liar as well as being a world class idiot. These rules will 'leave the internet alone'. Putting control of it into the hands of corporations is a guarantee that those private industries controlling access will also try to control content.b

This paranoia has been simmering for a while. By some freakish coincidence the Tea Party/far right noise machine have echoed the corporate line. Not that Limbaugh McConnell or the Tea Party have actually come up with any reasonable alternatives.

For them it's all about fantastically illogical conspiracies. Goebbels would have been proud. Scary thought is all those dittoheads and Beck slaves will believe it without question.

Sen. Jim DeMint and John Boehner incoming speaker of the house echoed the above sentiments.

In April Beck claimed that 'net neutrality' is a prelude to the 'hostile takeover' of America. I'll leave you with a snippet from Beck's radio show. It's tough to out-loony Limbaugh et al but Beck manages.

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