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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear President Obama, "They will still vilify you, call you a socialist"

Dear President Obama, "They will still vilify you, they will still call you a socialist and their goal of making you a one term President will still mean far more to them than solutions for an ailing nation."

The American people even had your back on this one. A Bloomberg poll just yesterday showed that about 60% of the nation favored ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans making over $250K a year. A CBS poll showed that only 26% supported extending all tax cuts while Democrats in another poll overwhelmingly want the cuts for the top 2% to expire.

We'll have the same fight in 2012 after another two years of total obstruction by the GOP. Will Obama be forced again to extend billionaire's tax cuts for some meager concession extending free school lunches for homeless kids or some other assistance to those who still don't have jobs because the rich will have spent the past two years living in 'uncertainty' about whether their tax cuts will be extended past 2012. The GOP will blame that 'uncertainty' on the fact that the tax cuts haven't provided the millions of jobs that normally magically accompany tax cuts because, but for the grace of God, the Marxist, Kenyan anti-colonial Sharia mindset hasn't become the law of the land.

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