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Monday, December 20, 2010

Congressional idiots out in force today

This time it's Bill Flores (R-TX) who wants to shut down the entire EPA. Not that he's alone among the GOP, it's something most of them would love to do.

Here's Flores in an interview today:

FLORES: Absolutely, that’s one of the reasons I wanted to get on Natural Resources is it puts me in the position, not my full jurisdiction over the EPA but I do have some jurisdiction there. I can tell you the House as a whole, the Republicans in the House as a whole want to get the EPA shut down on these bunny trails that’s going down that are throwing people out of work — particularly the way it’s abusing Texas. And I think that Texas can count on getting some relief from the EPA within the first few months of this Congress because they really have gone overboard.

For people ;like Flores, any environmental law, no matter how benign, is 'going overboard.' Funny during the Clinton era when the EPA were a lot more active in regulating polluters than during the Bush era 22 million new jobs were created. For Republicans, the idea that Green Energy can create jobs is a myth that has to be fought tooth and nail. The Scientists have all got it wrong, the earth's temperature is cooling despite all evidence to the contrary. It's cold and it's snowing a lot in Europe and elsewhere, ergo the scientists are all wrong.

Burn more coal, spill more oil and we'll pollute our way back to prosperity. As a side benefit we'll save Social Security because people won't live so long.

Scientisst could spend time studying an epidemic of stupid that seems to be affecting a lot of Americans.

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