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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The 'extraordinary' Rick Scott, new Governor of Florida

The head of the Republican Party in Palm Beach Florida told Time Magazine that Gov. Rick Scott "is going to be within six months of taking office one of the most extraordinary national figures we've seen in years."

As Washington Monthly described it:

Depending on how one defines "extraordinary," that might well be true. If one takes it to mean "very unusual" and "far outside the norm," then sure, Scott might well prove to be extraordinary, but not in a good way.

The incoming governor, elected despite massive fraud and corruption allegations, has already caused several stirs. It was Scott and his team, for example, who raised the prospect of privatizing all public education in the Sunshine State, scraping state support for public hospitals, and canceling infrastructure investment plans that would create 24,000 jobs for Floridians.

His next target is the 'unemployed' or Newt Gingrich's favorite new target for why the economy sucks. Using Gingrich's cue people are only unemployed because they want to be. His new economic team put out a release furthering Gingrich's rhetoric. Part of the plan will force anyone who has collected unemployment will have to start to do community service, one assumes at minimum wage or maybe Scott's team has come up with a new way to cut government costs by using the 'unemployed' to replace previously higher paid employees to cut costs and ensure an endless supply of unemployed people.

Not only that, Scott's economic team misrepresented a study of how the 'unemployed look for work.

When Scott was head of Columbia/HCA they were forced to pay about $2 billion for Medicare fraud. He claimed he had no idea of the fraud but was forced to resign in disgrace with a mere $30 million in stock and a $10 million severance package.

Scott is Either a lying, thieving piece of shit or one of the dumbest, most incompetent CEO's in history. My guess is that he is the former rather than just incompetent which whould worry sane Floridians ever more. Sadly, they are obviously a minority in the state.

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