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Monday, December 6, 2010

Joe Miller losing Alaska senate candidate blames Native Alaskans for his loss

Tea Party backed Miller became the first Senate candidate to lose to a "write-in" candidate when incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski lost to him in the primary.

He accused them of using their political power and influence to help her win. How dare they! Image that, actualy using legal means to influence an election.

He claims they formed a "super-PAC" called Alaskans Standing Together, which conducted all sorts of underhanded activities for Murkowski -- such as running an ad campaign against him, educating voters on how to cast a write-in vote, and getting out the vote with rides to the polls.

"AST hit the airways with hundreds of thousands of dollars in attack ads, making numerous false allegations regarding my positions and background. Within a mere three weeks, AST spent $1.2 million, inundating the Alaska market," Miller writes. "It also hired dozens of workers to travel to the villages to teach people how to vote for Lisa Murkowski. They even painted vans with AST's logo to bus people to the polls."

Aftre all, they could be considered illegal aliens as they crossed over from Asia when land atill connected the two continents in what is now the Bering Straight.

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