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Friday, December 17, 2010

Bobby Jindal, the so called GOP rising star is an idiot and a hypocrite.

Jindal, the GOP governor of Louisiana was touted as a rising star in the party until he gave the response to Obama's State of the Union. It was a bumbling scattered response that could have been done more competently by the average high school kid.

In the speech he railed against useless government spending and highlighted a $140 million grant to study volcanoes. His timing was perfect. About a week later the volcano eruption in Iceland disrupted air travel across Europe costing billions.

It turns out Jindal is quite happy to waste money, as long as it goes to the right people. During the Gulf oil spill he used $360 million of BP's money yo build a huge sand berm along the coast of Louisiana to stop the flow of oil that never materialized. He was roundly criticized at the time for spending the money on something the experts said wasn't needed. Not that Louisiana didn't need the money. t did, as thousands of fishermen and oyster harvesters and the businesses they support suffered ongoing economic losses.

For months, critics of Louisiana GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal's BP-funded $360 million sand berm project have blasted the effort as a tragic misuse of time and resources. They charged that the governor and his lead advisers could have undertaken scores of other projects that would have been far more beneficial to the damaged Gulf and the inhabitants of its coast.

Some have even charged that the plan was nothing more than a multi-million dollar kickback for the governor's supporters. "The only reason those sand berms are still being built is because Bobby Jindal has supporters he needs to pay back," a current Louisiana officeholder, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of ongoing dealings with the Jindal administration, told Yahoo News back in October. "It's that simple ... follow the money. The people making money off this thing are people that gave money to Jindal.

A recently released independent commission report blasted Jindal for the project that captured virtually no oil. The report said, "...comfortably conclude that the decision to green-light the underwhelmingly effective, overwhelmingly expensive Louisiana berms project was flawed."

That $360 million could have been used far more effectively. Republicans have no problem spending money as long as it doesn't go to people who really need help.

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