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Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Tea Party clueless idiot Congressman elect

Congressman elect Mick Mulvaney (R - SC) is another Tea Partier who lives in the world of wishful thinking.

In April Congress will have to raise the debt ceiling. They really have no choice; raise the ceiling or the Federal government has to stop paying bills and cannot borrow any more money. Apart from stopping Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid payments were stopped. All non-essential government workers were sent home without pay. The cost of borrowing money will immediately go up for the government which will technically be in default.

Mulvaney thinks not raising the debt ceiling will have 'no negative consequences'. It's like not going to the dentist with a severe toothache. Yes, it's painful that we have to raise the debt ceiling but the alternative is far worse.

There is already a considerable bloc of GOP House and Senate members who are on board with Mulvaney. It's going to produce a battle royal with the GOP making demand after demand while doing what they always do, shift the goalposts as soon as a tentative agreement is reached.

Last time the Republicans tried this with Newt Gingrich they ended up second best. It's time the Democrats dug in their heels and let the Republicans go about their destructive ways.

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