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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Uterus police law - even more insane than first thought

Now that we have the draft of the bill it is even more insane than first thought. Daily Kos as the details.

“Franklin wants to create a Uterus Police to investigate miscarriages, and requires that any time a miscarriage occurs, whether in a hospital or without medical assistance, it must be reported and a fetal death certificate issued. If the cause of death is unknown, it must be investigated. If the woman can’t tell how it happened, then those Uterus Police can ask family members and friends how it happened. Hospitals are required to keep records of anyone who has a spontaneous abortion and report it.”

15-20% of all prefnancies end in a miscarriage. Accounting for Georgia's population and 4 million births in the U.S. each year about 25,000 miscarriages will occur in a year in Georgia. That's about 70 a day. Any miscarriage that can't be fully explained will be investigated and the woman will be open to being charged with a felony if her explanation is not satisfactory.

Miscarriages happen for a variety of reasons, some of which even doctors can't explain and the uterus police in Georgia will investigate all of them. Look on the bright side. The Bill will create jobs. On the minus side, this is utterly insane.

Fortunately the likelihood of the bill passing is near zero but the fact that is even being seriously proposed is utterly insane and I'm sure Franklin won't be the only one voting for it.

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