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Friday, February 11, 2011

The hypocrisy of the right, "They hate us for our freedoms"

That was the mantra on the right about the Al Qaeda attacks in 9/11. Now that Egyptians want their freedom, we 'hate them for their freedoms". Witness Glenn Beck's paranoia about the coming 'Caliphiate' that will envelop not just the Middle East but Europe.

Witness these comments on Fox News.

MACCALLUM: What about the argument that these people — you know, you hear them, you listen to what they’re saying in that square, they want democracy, they’re tired of being repressed, they want something better.

SCHEUER: Well Martha, you know, it is only in the minds of ill-educated Americans and especially their leaders to expect 32 million Muslims to reach for — in a time of violence and uncertainty and tumult, to reach for an alien ideology like secular democracy instead of reaching towards a thousand years of faith and trust in Islam. It is absolutely counter-intuitive to believe that people will reach for the strange, rather than for the familiar and trusted. And I really think that —

HOLT: I would like to say — can I say — I appreciate people’s sympathy and interest in democracy, that’s an American instinct. But unfortunately in this case, this is the Middle East. And the traditions there do not support their embracing — if they were allowed to vote in an open election, they would put themselves vulnerable, and make us vulnerable, to dangerous terrorism. Egypt has been our friend as an intelligence gathering operation and we need to realize the reality of the situation.

That's Terry Holt, former Bush Cheney national spokeman who previously said, “our efforts to help the Iraqi people build a lasting democracy in the heart of the Middle East,” which was, in his own words, the cornerstone of Bush's foreign policy.

Terry, which is the truth, or are you just another lying scumbag?

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