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Friday, February 4, 2011

Fox News top 10 lies about climate science

They get paid well to do this.

No one does more to spread dangerous disinformation about global warming than Murdoch. In a year of rec­ord heat waves in Africa, freak snowstorms in America and epic flooding in Pakistan, the Fox network continued to dismiss climate change as nothing but a conspiracy by liberal scientists and Big Government. Glenn Beck told viewers the Earth experienced no warming in the past decade -- the hottest on record. Sean Hannity declared that "global warming doesn't exist" and speculated about "the true agenda of global-warming hysterics." Even Brian Kilmeade, co-host of the chatty Fox & Friends, laughed off the threat of climate change, joking that the real problem was "too many polar bears."

Media Matters has the full litany of lies and idiocy.


Anonymous said...

Okay which is it? more incidence of heat and drought or more incidence of snow and cold that is the verifiable proof that the hypothesis is in fact true. Drought on a land one year and excess snow on that same land the next can not both be "signs" of global warming.

As it is climate it is not the event that one can/should look at but the average of the events. I ask you, in the past ten years how many times has the complete northern hemisphere been swamped in snow storms of the century? China, USA, Europe.The list is bigger but I don't have anymore time to waste now.

PAC said...

If you took some of your precious time to read up more about global warming you will learn that climate scientist have long suggested that global warming will likely lead to more precipitation of all forms.

For example, less ice coverage in the Great Lakes in winter will lead to more moisture evaporating which will lead to more precipitation whether it be in the form of rain or snow.

In the same way, when the water in the Gulf of Mexico is warmer hurricanes tend to produce more precipitation and fiercer storms. Climate scientists have never claimed that for example the waters in the Great Lakes or the Gulf of Mexico are warmer each and every year but the overall pattern is a warming trend.

The last decade was the warmest since temp records have been available on a world wide basis. Temperatures have fallen and risen over the centuries long before man has produced enough CO2 or other forms of pollution.

No one knows how much of the recent rise in average temperatures is man made and even scientists admit they cannot determine that but When people like Sean Hannity claims that 2009 was the coolest year on record because, as he said, ""We Have The Coldest Year On Record. It's 40 Degrees In Miami, For Crying Out Loud." both he and the climate change deniers in general lose all credibility.

It cracks me up when the same people jump for joy anytime it snows and/or gets cold, claiming global warming is a hoax.

Anonymous said...


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